Hi, my name is Thom.

I launched this website because my computer was an incredible mess of bookmarks, files, tools, and whatever else. I needed to "clean" everything up and put it in one place. Here. 
My story is below.

My story

My journey to work online began in 2010 when I started to get acquainted with the online environment. In 2012, I already had my first e-commerce shop built at Prestashop. 

I was selling cake supplies. It was quite a boom at this time, and there was a lot of competition. But mostly, their e-commerce solutions were worthless.
I started trying SEO. In those days, it was not at all difficult to get a significant position in the SERP. However, after a few years, I stopped having fun selling cake supplies, and it wasn't so profitable. 
The producers saw what was being sold literally as warm rosettes, so they started to get more expensive, and our margin was shrinking

I sold the project in 2015 and went to Switzerland for a few years. Where I worked, but I still enjoyed the online environment. During that time, I educated myself and tried various things. I fell for it.

That's when I discovered affiliate. It's a great type of business when I compare it to e-commerce. Since 2019, I have been fully dedicated to this and trying various programs and tactics.
Now I use WordPress for everything. It is the best platform for creating digital content. Amazingly simple, adaptable - even if you can't program coding like me and the WordPress community is incredible.

In short, the people who created this CMS would deserve a life annuity. Maybe they don't even know how they changed the online environment, which is now really more accessible to anyone who wants to create online content.
I launched BucksToDonuts.com because bookmars and other stuff on my computer was a mess. When I searched for something, I know that is there, but I can't find it.
I am happy to share it with you. Let's see if I can find it here.
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