How to choose best hosting for wordpress site

What is the best WordPress hosting for a website?

Each of you asks this question. Right? On the market, we have a massive number of providers to choose from. In this article, I will summarize it clearly so that even a complete beginner can understand why hosting is one of the most important things when creating a website on CMS Worpdress.

You will find many articles on the Internet where everyone defends their product or service. It is entirely normal. It was also a dilemma for me, which hosting to choose. In the beginning, shared hosting will be enough for me. The advantage is that it is affordable.

However, it also has disadvantages - one of the biggest may be speed. Many shared hosts struggle with this, and not always the cheapest or most expensive is the best. Below is my opinion on why and how I choose hosting for my website. Each of you then decides for yourself. Always ask yourself a few questions so that it does not happen to you that after a particular time, the hosting provider will not suit you or will not have a plan that would satisfy your requirements:

For example:
Will I only have one site?
Will I write there?
Will I upload a lot of photos, videos?
Where will my visitors come from?

There are tons of hosting providers on the market today.

Parameters that decided in my choice of hosting:

Unlimited number of websites - at least 10 websites for one plan
(because I know I will have more websites. Where to buy domains with owner privacy read in this article)

Unlimited disk space - at least 40 GB disk space
(because I know that I will also create websites demanding storage data - photos, files, etc.)

Unlimited number of email boxes (because I know that I will have many email addresses for several websites, such as webmaster, info, support, shop, no-reply ...)

Website loading speed
(because I know I don't want to lose visitors. Nowadays, no one wants to wait a "hundred years" for a page to load. We are living in a fast age, and people are used to a certain standard)

Free SSL and CDN
(because I know without SSL, Google will label my website as dangerous and not recommended to visitors)

Free Backups
(because I know that anything can happen and I will not risk losing all files, data, articles for past months, years)

Fast Support
(because I know that if I need to solve something urgently, I will not wait for an answer for days, weeks, years)

Complete report on all files - best via Cpanel
(because I know that I need full control of my files, data ...)

Install WordPress with a few clicks
(because I know we live in the digital age, and I don't feel like installing WordPress by copying files via FTP to directories as it was in begging)

The following hosting companies were shortlisted: A2Hosting, Kinsta, SiteGround, Hostinger, Bluehost, ScalaHosting, GreenGeeks, DreamHost.

After comparing the plans, I chose A2 hosting (I will also prepare a more detailed article comparing the others and why a2 hosting won for me).


It provides a lot of "music" for a monthly fee of USD 25.99 (this is the highest plan for shared hosting). I choose the Turbo Max plan. Includes boost for the page load and is even 20 times faster than regular shared hosting. I have been using this hosting for about five years. I am delighted with the page speed. After all, no one wants their page to load for more than 3 seconds. Why? Website loading more than 3 seconds will result in up to 50% of your visitors leave. Google does not like if the website is loading longer than 3 seconds, resulting in a reduction of SERP positions.

For simplicity, if your site loads slowly, you lose visitors, your bounce rate increases, and Google advises you to a lower position on the results page. And, likely, the visitor will not return to your site.

Key features of Turbo Max hosting


Growth features of Turbo Max hosting


The best features of this hosting: TURBO FEATURES


Of course, not only hosting results in the speed of loading a website. There are several factors. But if you have slow hosting, further WordPress optimization will not help you much. The main element is fast hosting. As for the blogs, applies content is king, so for hosting uses, speed is king

In my opinion the essential factors for the best speed of your website.
1. Hosting
2. CDN
3. WordPress optimization (Cache plugin, SEO, PageLoad ...)


What is your experience? What kind of hosting do you use? Let me know in comments.

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