How to make YouTube channel (Right way)

Deep guide on how to make a YouTube channel - the right way from begining. (not only for beginners).

I will analyze everything that can help you properly start a youtube channel, improve it, get more views and subscribers. The result will be making money on your video content. Maybe your YouTube channel was created only for passion, but you can transform it into a legit business. This is not just about uploading videos, but using all the potential that this platform offers us.

In this article, we combine knowledge with practice. I will create a brand new youtube channel. Set up it, create and edit a video, upload it, make SEO, etc. I will explain in detail, all these steps.

Let's think outside the box.

The exact breakdown of what we will cover in the article:

  1. YouTube overview (Why it is so popular. Bonus tip: Where to find YouTube data)
  2. Creating a YouTube channel (2 ways how to do it. Bonus tip: How to choose the right name related to your niche)
  3. How to set up a Youtube channel correctly (layout, description, branding, channel tags, hyperlinks, translations, features. Bonus tip: How to make the channel more visible)
  4. Right way how to upload a video and competitors analysis (set up video settings, description, tags, #hashtags, translations, captures, timeline, thumbnail, action elements. Bonus tip: How to create eye-catchy Thumbnail and check competitors rankings)
  5. How to check your video rankings (video is uploaded and visible. Bonus tip: How to improve video rankings)
  6. Short YouTube videos (how can shorts videos help you increase video views. Bonus tip: How to create a short video in a few minutes)
  7. Sharing your YouTube video (why is sharing important to your video. Bonus tip: Where to share YouTube video, get more views and increase channel watch time)
  8. Best software for editing or creating video content (proven editing software what I am using for video editing. Bonus tip: How to make your video more attractive for visitors and increase watch time)
  9. How to monetize your YouTube video (how to make money on your content. Bonus tip: 8 ways on How to earn money before you can set up ads)
  10. Summary


1. YouTube overview

Nowadays, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, and people are spending more and more time on it. Below are some data from

Global worldwide website rank: 2 | Average monthly visits: 33.19 Billion | Average visit duration: 00:21:53 | Pages per visit: 11.50 | Bounce rate: 21.78% | App downloads: 5+ Billion

Research shows, that video increases the likelihood of a first-page result on Google 53 times. More than 2/3 of users visited the website after watching a video on social networks.

You may not have known, but YouTube shares a lot of useful data and trends. Just visit the page YouTube Trends. There are a lot of useful and fresh data.


2. Creating YouTube Channel

We have two options for how we can do it. Use an already established account or create a new one.

I choose 2nd option.

I will create a brand new google account and youtube channel because I want to have a separate email address from my personal one. If you don't want to create a new Gmail for your YouTube channel, you can use your primary one. If you accept that, the 1st option is right for you, remember, you will receive emails related to youtube and personal occasions to your primary inbox.

1st option - you have a Google account:

Use this option if you don't mind that your new channel's email address will be different from the channel name.

Type to your browser and on the right corner, press Sign in.

how to make youtube channel create account


Choose your Google account name or Gmail address and press Next.

how to make youtube channel sigh in


Enter your password and press Next.

how to make youtube channel sigh in add password

(post continues after part how to create youtube channel if you don't have a google account)


2nd option - you don't have a Google account:

Before I show you how to create a new account, I wrote you how I thought when I was creating the channel. As you may have noticed from the above pictures, my new channel name is Howtosimo. What? Why?

Try to think about it. What came to your mind when you read the name Howtosimo?

Done? Ok. I will explain to you.

I choose the name because my father sends me last week a video, how he can tie the shoelaces with one hand (he had to learn it because of health problems and his right hand is no longer moving. Now he has to do everything with the left one, even though he was right-handed).

Boom, a new idea was born. The video is about how to do something, right? I started thinking.  I played with more variations, but Howtosimo makes the most sense for me.

At First,

  • I will show all the techniques in a real example.
  • I have the main keyword there How To or How tos (yes, also how tos people search) and also IMO (meaning “in my opinion” more you can read on
  • including keywords, especially to the new unknown channel, is perfect because people at first glance can estimate what type of content they can expect
  • yes, some channels' names are unique or specific but they are not brand new and were building channel brand long time = hard work, lot of money, effort, etc. But is up to you. Everything is possible


  • not so long, relatively good for remembering (???)
  • free on other social media (if you don't want to check all social media separately, you can use this tool. For example, it showed me that username howtosimo is not available for youtube. Still, it was, so don't panic nothing is 100% accurate, but it can save time),
  • free .com domain name, I will explain later how it can help me. I always buy a domain name same as the youtube channel name. You never know for the future, and the price for a domain is few bucks. (You can read here where I buy domain names and Why), I will also use the domain to have my simple website there (here is an article, on how you can do it easily by yourself)
  • not a trademark and sounds not so bad? (let me know in the comments).


If you've thought about how I know what people are looking for on the Internet, I've been using a few tools. To find out what the search trend is, I used Google Trends (I will get at least a rough idea of what Internet users are looking for now). As you can see in the picture below, the term how to tie shoes is quite popular for the whole year.

youtube channel name google trends search


Then I used another tool. It allowed me to go into detail (very deep). I was interested in the term How To (it's a general term I know) and also How to tie shoes (because of the video that I have). I always do it this way before I do anything. I'll do a preliminary analysis to see if I won't waste time. Because if I saw that there is no potential, I would rather focus on another niche. I used Semrush for that. It is paid tool but if you create a free account you can use it (little bit limited but still usable).

The results for How To term. I check it only in general.

youtube channel niche overview using semrush tool how to keyword


The results for How to tie shoes term. For this therm, I want to know more details.

youtube channel niche overview using semrush tool



If you don't have a Google account, you can make it for free:

Create Google Account

Type there your First name, Last name. For Username, I always use the future name of the channel. It can happen that can be used already. You have to try another one or use adding to your username "the", "number", "dot", "-", "."  or whatever will look good and make sense. If nothing looks good, maybe it is better to try to find another username.

For the first name and last name, use your legit name - google terms of use  (but don't worry, you can change in Gmail Sender's name later so it will correspond with your username. You can change it in Gmail (below I will show you how). In my case, it will look like in the picture below.

how to make youtube channel create account


I always claim an account with a phone number. Also, set up a recovery email is highly recommended. Then press Next.

how to make youtube channel account verification


I use express personalization because it is fast. Press Next.

how to make youtube channel account personalization settings


This was the last step. Now you have a google account. You can set up the rest account details in the next step, but it is up to you. Now we can open Gmail and change Senders' name (All Settings-Account and Import) for something like Thom from Howtosimo.

how to make youtube channel get started channel has been created


When you write an email to somebody, it will look like below.

how to make youtube channel set up senders gmail name


Finally, we are logged in.


It is time to Create a YouTube Channel.


Click on the icon on the top right of the page, and from the menu, choose Create a channel.

how to make youtube channel create a new youtube channel.


You will see a screen for creating a youtube channel; press Get started.

how to make youtube channel get started creator journey


In the next step, you will see 2 options for the name of the channel. If you want to brand your name, choose the first option. In my case, I want a custom name of the channel that will correspond to my niche (above, I described what it is and why), so I select the second option - Use a custom name.

how to make youtube channel get started use a custom name.


Type your channel name. In my case, it is howtosimo (you can see that I made a mistake with lower "h" at the beginning. I want "H" but I will change it in the next steps).

If your username/channel name is already used, play a little bit with variations including "the", "separate words", "dot", "include the word" but don't parasite on other channels. It will not work. Duplication is not a way. You can be banned, and you don't want to confuse your audience.

When you find the right channel name, and you are happy with that, press to Create.

how to make youtube channel get started create your channel name


Woohooo, now you have your own channel. Congratulations! Uploading channel photo, channel description, website URL, and social links we will do later because I don't have anything prepared (I will show you how to do it properly).

Scroll to the bottom and choose Set up later.

how to make youtube channel get started channel has been created


This is your channel dashboard. How you can see it is empty. No videos, no subscribers. Nothing. Now is time to make everything in order.

how to make youtube channel new youtube channel dashboard


But first, I have to correct my mistake. Remember how I write the channel name "howtosimo" with lower "h"?

How to change YouTube channel name? First, you have to be logged in. In your youtube main dashboard on the top of the page, you will see the option Customize channel. Press it.

how to make youtube channel change youtube channel name


It will open in a new tab - Studio YouTube with channel customization options. On the left bottom corner, click on the Customization icon and choose the Basic info tab.

Under Channel name and description, click on the pencil icon. Now you will be able to change your youtube channel name.

youtube channel studio customization page press customization basic info tab


Type your new name or update the existing ones. In my case, I will update existing ("howtosimo" to "Howtosimo").  When you are done, press Publish and then go to your channel main dashboard or click on View channel.

One more important information about changing the YouTube channel name is, that you can change it 3 times in 90 days (simply every month you can change it once).

youtube channel studio customization page edit channel name and publish


How you can see, my youtube channel name was changed.

youtube channel name changed result


If you need to switch to your personal account (to check new videos from your subscribed channels etc.), press your icon on the top right of the youtube page (in my case, I don't set it up yet. I see a burgundy circle with "h" inside). Choose option Switch account.

youtube channel switch to another account


You will see your youtube channel (in my case, "Howtosimo") and my personal account (in my case, "Thom"). But the email address is the same for both accounts. I did it when I create an account, especially for YouTube. In Gmail settings, you can add other addresses, etc. There are many options. If you want more, let me know in the comments. I can write a separate article for it.

youtube channel choose personal account



3. How to set up a Youtube channel correctly

In this part, we will take a closer look at your YouTube channel account's complete customization. We will start with the basic settings - Layout (1.), Branding (2.), Basic info (3.)

Click on Customize channel.

how to make youtube channel basic channel customization


Channel customization dashboard - Layout tab (1.)

youtube channel_set up basic settings

(A.) Channel trailer for people who haven't subscribed yet - This video is shown on your channel home page. I recommend making an interesting video that kicks visitors to subscribe to your channel, like a short introduction attracting visitors' attention. Alternatively, later it could be the best video that has the highest views or great click rate. In analytics, you will see it. Click rate is affected by how well you have done the thumbnail for the video. YouTube algorithm also tracks it, and if it is good, your video will rank higher, even if your channel is new and without subscribers. I will show in this article how to make a great thumbnail that converts clicks.

(B.) Featured video for returning subscribers - Video is again shown on your channel homepage, and it is up to you what video you want to target. It is a video with new content that will continue with more videos in the same niche, a video with few views and you want to increase its rank, or a video where you are trying new strategies. This is about testing, testing, testing.

(C.) Featured sections - choose from the menu what can be the best for your channel. Moving sections is easy by drag and drop. If you don't know what to add there, don't worry, you can do it later.

If you don't want to continue to set other settings, press PUBLISH button on the top right corner to save your changes. Don't forget.

Channel customization dashboard - Branding tab (2.)

youtube channel set up branding settings


(A.) Profile picture - now we have to create a logo or upload an existing logo. Because I don't have a logo, I create one for free on Renderforest, or you can use Canva. Both are fine, but Renderforest is better for logo creation because I can choose from all templates and functionalities in the free version. In Canva, you have free templates, pro templates, or templates/pictures paid separately. First, I tried to do it in Canva, but all premade designs that I like were in the pro version. Below is also a pricing table if you want to use Renderforest also for mockups, graphics, creating videos, 3d animations (for animations is good also another online tool, but later about it). For using Renderforest, you have to create a free account.

After log in to your Renderforest account on the homepage, choose to Make a logo. Enter your brand name and follow the next few steps.

When you are done, and your logo meets your expectations, click on Download at the right bottom of the page. In the pop-up screen, choose the first option, Free. Don´t worry about noticing Non-profit; you can use it for YouTube channel (just in case I wrote to Renderforest if I can use it. Answer: YES).

youtube channel renderforest free non-profit licence using


Renderforest free logo maker dashboard. All features are available. You can edit text, letter spacing, logo font, color, icon, adjust, etc. Drag and drop your icon and text is, of course, possible.

youtube channel creating channel free logo


Woohoo, our channel logo is ready—press download.  In the picture, my logo is in size 300 x 110 px, but it is okay; I will make it square because it has to look perfect after uploading on YouTube. The logo is in .png format (I recommend always download the logo or image that you want to edit later in .png format).

youtube channel free logo


Only a few clicks in a basic windows sketchpad will solve it.

youtube channel editing channel logo size to 310 310 px


I made the logo size 310 x 310 px because the default logo was too close to borders. For a nice view, we need few pixels free space on the sides because the channel logo is automatically cropped to a circle. Remember, if you use a basic program like a sketchpad for editing, it will remove the transparent background (for the moment, I don't care about that. For removing the background, I will show you a free online tool).

youtube channel final logo version


Working with Renderforest is very easy and fast. Click, click, click, and the logo is ready. Below is the full list of features that this platform can offer us.

youtube channel online video creator tool renderforest pricing


I almost forget you can also use it on smartphones if you're like me, that in the evening, watching TV comes up an idea, and since the smartphone is close to me, I'm already typing and trying.

youtube channel online video creator tool renderforest pricing table 2


Now is the time to upload the logo. In the YouTube Studio customization page - tab Branding - Profile picture press Upload. Do you see how those few pixels on the sides help me? Click Done, and that's it.

youtube channel uploading channel logo


Finally, a YouTube profile picture is uploaded. What do you think?

youtube channel profile picture insight


(B.) Banner image -  upload a suitable banner can bother you nicely. I don't always manage to make the banner the way I wanted. I don't mean how it looks like, but what's in it (text, graphics). Rather, it is about making the content that we want to be nicely visible on all devices. Mainly on smartphones. So let's get to it.

The Canva is great for this. If you do not have your free account yet, register here. The great thing about Canva is that it saves your work on an ongoing basis. Log in to your account, and on the home page, type in the search field youtube channel art. You will see a menu of ready-made templates. It's up to you which style you like. All of these templates are already in recommended dimensions. I have a free account, so in the filter, I choose to display only free templates.

youtube channel channel banner canva


For the moment, I don't know what types of content (if it will be a niche mix of how-to videos or only a specific niche) I will upload on the channel, so I'll choose something more minimalist. The banner will have my logo, orange background, additional text, and maybe a few icons. Canva, like Renderforest, is very user-friendly with a lot of options. Click, click with drag and drop.

I want to include my logo in the banner. But if I want to use it, I have to remove the white background and make it transparent. Nowadays, there is an improver for everything, so I will not manually crop the background as before. I will use the background remover tool. The free version will be rich enough for me to crop a smaller image. If you want to crop images in high resolution, you have to pay for them. However, the premium plan costs only a few bucks. After all, we can't have everything for free. Developers should also eat. I am proud to present to you Removebg - works really great.

Just for fun, I also tried other automated A.I. background remover tools, and let me tell you, the differences can be huge. Removebg is one of the best on the market. The quality of the software you will see if you upload an image, that has a more complex background. See the comparison below and make your own opinion.

youtube channel remove background a.i. tool removebg


Simply on the website upload, your picture, and the AI will do the rest. Those gray squares in the background indicate that the white background has been removed. Now I can embed my logo in an image or video, and it will look great.

youtube channel picture background remover


Now back to my chosen template in Canva. It is almost done; only the logo missing. On the left side of the menu, chose section uploads. Then press Uploads media. Done?

Your picture is in Canva, and you can use it also for other projects. That's the magic when you register for a free account. Now I want to add it to my picture. Simply click on the uploaded picture, and Canva will add it to your banner.

All elements in the banner are drag and drop friendly. You can move it or resize it how you want. If you want to add more elements to the banner, choose from options in the left side menu, but it looks cool to me. I am done. Now press to Download (top right).

youtube channel making channel banner canva


The best size for a YouTube channel banner image is 2560 x 1440 px (it will look awesome on all devices).

Before I upload our banner, I made a picture with a YouTube banner size with all dimensions. Everything important must be in the middle white section (1546 x 423 px) to be visible on all devices.

YouTube banner image size


We are back in the YouTube dashboard in the Branding tab. For uploading banner image, click Upload and choose your prepared banner. At this moment, you will see if it fits how you want. In my case fits perfectly. Important text, what have to be visible on all devices, is in the right place.

Youtube offers also an option if you want to see how it will look like on different devices. For desktop, click on Viewable on the desktop (area will be displayed in the original banner color. In my case orange); for TV, click on Viewable on TV (area will be displayed in the original banner color. In my case, orange).

I am satisfied with the result. Click on the Done button.

If you failed on the first try like me a lot of times, you have to play with it in a Canva or directly in this preview. Try scrolling the image. But better is to edit it in Canva.

youtube channel upload channel banner image


We already have a profile photo and a Banner image. All we have left is a watermark.

youtube channel branding tab customization profile picture banner image


(C.) Video watermark - it has two functions. Two? You know for sure about the first one. It protects our content from being copied (I know everything can be put away or resized in the video by the part where the watermark is), but better to do something than nothing.

The second option is to add a clickable link to subscribe to the channel. It's a trifle, but it works, and only very few video creators are using it. Thanks to this feature, you can nicely target viewers who are not yet subscribed to your channel. It still works even if you share the video or embed it on another page. That is not all. Youtube gives us the option to set display time for this tweak (in the entire video, at the end of the video, or custom start time).

Hi Canva, I haven't seen you in a long time. For the video watermark, I need specific dimensions 150 x 150 px and could be transparent (is up to you). On the homepage right side, choose a Custom size and type your dimensions.

youtube channel branding tab creating clickable watermark logo


I also want a nice subscribe button under my logo to let it make sense. Right? Let's check freepik what can serve me (I have a premium license for one year. So no attribution). I tried to find some buttons on Pexels, but I found nothing (also good photos databank with no attribution, but be prepared that many people use it).

What do you think? Which one did I choose from? (I focused most on premium pictures).

youtube channel freepik subscribe button for youtube watermark image


The process is the same as when creating a banner. I'll upload a subscribe button (before uploading, I use again removebg to have a transparent background). Howtosimo logo is already there. Click, click, and that's it.

Since I use Canva with a free account, images cannot be downloaded with a transparent background. Nevertheless, Canva offers us a huge amount of functionality in the free version. Just for interest, I'll give you a picture below with prices for the Canva PRO version.

youtube channel creating chanel banner in canva

I did more variations (also with removed background). Some look nice but only on the computer. Below is the final version.

howtosimo watermark


In the dashboard, press Upload and then set the display time.

youtube channel branding tab finished

If you don't want to continue to set other settings, press PUBLISH button on the top right corner to save your changes. Don't forget.


Channel customization dashboard - Basic info tab (1.)

youtube channel customization basic info tab


(A.) Channel description - Many YouTubers have this field empty or with the wrong description. They do not use the full potential that SEO can give us. To help your channel perform better in the results, you need to link each other with appropriate keywords internally. Write a description of your channel, so it is understandable to people and optimized for the search algorithm. I definitely don't recommend only copy and paste keywords separated by commas. Don't be a spammer. Use keywords or explanations but in sentences. Looks much better.

In my case, the channel will be about How to videos. I don't know what videos from how to niche will have the best volume and views (for the moment, I have just one video from my dad).  A new channel like mine should start with the types of videos that are trending at the moment or just look at the calendar to see if Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, or other big events are coming up.

For ideas, we can use also google, bing, yahoo (but in the incognito tab, the search will not be affected by my search history. I can delete it, but the incognito tab works better, or use another web browser like Duckduckgo, Mozilla, etc.), google trends, quora, Pinterest, etc.

How I said above, in this century, the online market offers us tons of tweaks on how we can know what keywords can be good for my niche, what keywords have nice volume, for what keywords I can rank better and more easily. You can also check your competitors for inspiration but don't copy and paste. Be creative. YouTube and Google hate duplicate content. In part on how to upload your video correctly, I will show you in detail what I am using, how, and why.

For my channel description, I prepared this. In the beginning, I think it is OK. After some time, I can rewrite it or add some other sentences.

Remember to write the exact name of your channel at least twice in the description.

youtube channel description text


So that I don't forget, we will immediately add the keywords that describe the channel. Did it happen that you still couldn't find your new channel in the search results after uploading your first video? Although you entered its exact name into the search? Below I will show you why and how to fix it.

In your Studio YouTube, on the left bottom corner, click on Settings. In the pop-up window, choose option Channel and in the field, channel keywords type keywords (write your keyword and press Enter on your keyboard. Succesfully added keywords would be in a grey bubble.) that correspond with your channel. Don't forget to include your channel name (in my case, "Howtosimo", "howtosimo channel", "howtosimo youtube" for better channel visibility in search results).

Include also long-tail keywords, in my case "how to video guides" or "how to step by step video" or "howto video guides" (I always use tools that I know what people are searching for and also how they write it. Sometimes it looks not grammatically correct but if people use this search phrase I will add it there).

We can split keywords/tags into the 3 groups (tags describing the video, tags describing the general theme of the video, tags describing your channel). Try to use all of them, especially in the video keywords/tags field, but you can also use them in channel keywords. Also, write there keywords that you use in your channel description tab.

Keywords, what I can use for my channel can be like: "howtosimo", "howtosimo channel", "howtosimo youtube", "how to", "how to make", "how to create", "how to fix", "how to guides", "how to video clips", "how-to", "how-to video", "howto video", "diy", "diy videos", "diy video guides", "do it yourself", etc. 


youtube channel keywords settings


(B.) ADD language - thanks to this possibility, we can also target our channel to viewers from other countries. As YouTube is popular worldwide, so by translation, we can increase traffic to our channel. If you decide to translate the channel description, you should continue with the videos. The big advantage of YouTube is the automatic generation of subtitles if your video is in English.

What does it mean?

That we can then add subtitles to other languages without much effort, we will use an automatic translator. I know the translation quality will not be at the level of a native speaker, but the quality is fully sufficient for the viewer to understand what the video is about.

Adding a new language is pretty simple. Just click on ADD Language. In the pop-up window, you will see on the left side your text in the actual language (you have to select what is it manually), and on the right side, you can choose the language into you want to translate the text (in my case "Portuguese"). Perfect is that you can highlight text and copy it from the pop-up window. When your translated text is ready, just paste it on the right side. I used google translate when everything looks perfect, press DONE.

The algorithm now can target a viewer who has YouTube in the Portuguese language. The same process works for video.

If you want to add more languages, repeat this process.

youtube channel add new language to channel description


My description has already been translated into multiple languages (you can see it under the channel description field). For adding more languages, press +ADD LANGUAGE

youtube channel adding channel translation into multiple languages


I made a small update that can help visitors from different countries know on the first view what they can expect from my channel.

youtube channel adding channel name translation with short explanation



(C.) Change URL -  As you can see, my URL address of the channel is very ugly but don't worry, you can have your custom YouTube channel URL.

youtube channel how to change youtube channel url


How to change the default YouTube channel URL to custom? It is possible, but I have to wait a while until I meet 4 required conditions (two of them done already):

  • Have an uploaded profile picture
  • Have uploaded a banner image
  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • The channel has to be at least 30 days old.

For you who met the conditions. Sign in to Youtube with the email address that is for the Youtube channel account. Go to the Youtube homepage (, and on the left bottom corner, press Settings. Then you will see the Settings page. In the left sidebar menu, choose Advanced settings.

The option for changing your YouTube channel URL will be in the highlighted area. I can't do a print screen because I don't have this option in my Advanced settings, yet.

Remember, you can remove or change your custom URL only 3 times in a year (I don't recommend it. It can have a crushing impact on your hyperlinks and backlinks on sites like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

youtube channel adding custom channel url



(D.) ADD link - YouTube allows us to add links to external websites or social media. It is a nice option to let the viewer know that we are active on other platforms, too.

Did you remember how I always buy a new domain name for each project? How you can see below, I added it into links. For sure, you are now wondering why it is good to have a website and spend time and some bucks to build it?

  • You can embed YouTube videos to the website, make some decent descriptions about the video and get new visitors also from google, bing, yahoo, etc. = increasing watch time and the possibility of acquiring new subscribers (you remember how we add a watermark with a functional subscription link in our video?)
  • You can link to the website from other social media as well. You have videos there, so another chance to increase watch time or get new subscribers.
  • You can offer there some related services
  • Looks more legit not only for visitors
  • Collect emails (but please don't be spammy for your subscribers because nowadays is a new era or what? Almost everyone who asks you for an email address, and if you do not consent to send the newsletter or other unasked content, they will start to spam your inbox. What do they think? That, I will read their delusions and buy something. Oh, I really hate this).

External links can be sorted in few different ways. You can choose from the dropdown menu under the table. Remember, the first link will also be shown with the link title.

youtube channel links to sites on channel banner


After publishing, About tab with hyperlinks. Clickable, of course.

youtube channel about info tab with hyperlinks


Did you notice that I miss one popular social network there?

I don't know why but while registration for the new Instagram account, I got banned. Strange situation (Nowadays normal for Instagram). If you want to know how I dealt with it and unblocked (?) Instagram again, read this article (I am working on it).


Homepage of your channel, also clickable and with nice icons (YouTube generates them automatically).

youtube channel homepage with hyperlinks in channel banner



(E.) Contact info -  type your contact email address. Don't worry about spam; the email address is visible only for logged-in users, but they have to click on it first. When you are done with customization, don't forget to press PUBLISH button on the top right corner.

youtube channel contact info email address

Logged out user.

youtube channel contact email address logged out user missing


Logged in user.

youtube channel contact email address logged in user shown



4. Right way how to upload a video

Although uploading a video may seem like a triviality, but it's not quite so. Youtube is a top-rated platform, constantly increasing the number of new channels, new videos, and every creator wants to have the most views. Right?

I will show you a strategy that will help you compete with established channels with many subscribers. If you want your videos to be watched and not be forgotten, you have to analyze competing videos from your niche. Straightforward, without special tools, it will be hard. You will need to invest a few bucks if you want to speed up your journey and rank high positions. I'll reveal to you exactly how to do it.

First, we will upload our video (mine is ready, below I will show you in detail which software I used for editing and why)

Log in to your Youtube account. Click on the top-right icon and choose YouTube Studio.

youtube channel uploading first video log in to youtube studio


In the channel dashboard, press Upload videos.

youtube channel studio dashboard upload videos


In the pop-up window, click on Select files.

youtube channel studio dashboard select video files to upload


From your computer, select the video file that you want to upload. How you can see, I have there 3 videos.

Do you see some difference between them?

youtube channel studio dashboard select video files from computer

One is in aspect ratio 9:16, but I didn't mean that. Only one video file is called exactly the same as will be video title. It is important to get to know the YouTube algorithm, what the video is about, although we haven't filled out the video details tab yet.

During uploading your video, in the pop-up window, you can see more details and other customizations. My title was filled in automatically with the right text.

When you upload a video with a higher resolution 720p, 1080p, or 4K - don't be scared when you will see, after a successful upload, still low-quality 360p. It is normal; it takes a few minutes or hours (sometimes days for 4K) to convert it to original video resolution. It depends on how long your video is (in my case, it was fast. Video is only a few minutes long).

In this part, I will set up only the audience type for option - No, it's not made for kids. Rest options I will do later because first I have to do an analysis. Press Next to continue.

youtube channel studio pop up uploading video file to youtube


Like in the previous step (I'm not setting anything), press Next.

youtube channel studio pop up uploading video elements tab


The last step is the visibility tab. Here choose option Unlisted because we want to add other important details. Press SAVE.

Video is already available in HD quality because it is only a few minutes long. But if your video is longer, it will still be in SD - low quality.

Can you imagine if you make it visible for your subscribers as soon as it was uploaded? Nobody will watch more than few seconds - low quality. Also, video can get many downvotes, high bounce rate after few seconds = horrible signals for YouTube algorithm = rank reduction, etc. Simply, very bad for your channel ranking, audience, watch time.

youtube channel studio pop-up uploading video visibility tab


Woohooo. Our first video was successfully uploaded. If you want to watch it, click on the link. It will open in a new browser tab.

youtube channel studio pop up video published

Don't worry; nobody will find it when unlisted (only if you share a video link).

youtube channel uploaded unlisted video preview


In your studio dashboard, you can find uploaded videos in the category Content.

youtube channel studio uploaded videos content tab


After uploading it, I found that it is not very interesting for the viewer when I watched it. So I processed and edited the video in an editing program.

Because I know that the video will not be longer than 15 minutes, I used the Invideo editing program. Working with it is very simple, and mainly it is an online tool. (I'll repeat again, I love online tools).

I will log in to my account. I will use a pre-made video template. I choose the video size - Wide 16:9. I know that my video is about How to do something, so I type to search box How to and let's see what tool will show me. How you can see in the picture, this tool can also make video from - Text to Video (You can use this option if you have, for example, an article and you want to do a video from it. You just paste your text there, and the software will choose the main parts and convert them to video - You can also change it or also add other parts), or you can start from scratch.

youtube channel how to make video using invideo start with premade template video size



You can choose from pre-made templates that are related to your search term. If nothing looks good, you can browse all templates. For choosing one, click on it.

youtube channel how to make video using invideo choosing premade template


I was lucky. I find more templates, but the template below looks for my very good (for this type of video). You can also watch how it will look before you use a chosen template. If it meets all your expectations, press Use this template.

youtube channel how to make video using invideo template preview


The advantage is that the whole template can be edited, new elements added, deleted. You can customize it to your preferences. It even allows you to add voice to your video. It can be your voice file or generate a voice from the text - just like I did. I know it's A.I. voice, but I don't think it's that bad (there are more to choose from). If you don't like any, be sure to check out this tool (I think it's one of the best on the market). 

When you are done, press on the top right corner button Download & Share (it will start rendering).

youtube channel how to make video using invideo editing dashboard



As soon as the rendering is done, you are able to download your video clip—Press Download 1080p (always try to choose the best quality, in my case 1080p).

Now I have to upload the video to YouTube again and delete the old one. Repeat the process as I described above. I will also insert the final video into this article.

youtube channel how to make video using invideo project finished


If you want to try Invideo, just register for a free account. Below is a price list of the premium version (I have a 1-year plan, a discount of 50%, not bad).

youtube channel invideo price list save 6 months



Now is time to show you how I analyzed this video before adding a description, tags, etc. (the title is almost ready, but I will update it a bit also).

Let's use my video as an example. Video belongs to a very competitive niche How to. The competition is huge, and the quality of the most-watched videos is quite high. So let's analyze it.

My video is about - How to tie shoes with one hand. For the best data, I will use online tools: Videly and VidIQ Chrome extension.

  • (1.) type to Videly in keywords tab: How to tie shoes with one hand (check results with long-tail keywords)
  • (2.) type to search bar in YouTube: How to tie shoes with one hand (for VidIQ Chrome extension, you have to create a free account)


Results and explanation of how to use data

(1.) Videly YouTube keyword tool

In tab Keywords, I searched for the term: How to tie shoes with one hand ( only the United States). Videly showed me quite substantial statistics, thanks to which I can optimize my title.

You can also see YouTube competitors - it means how many videos are related to the searched terms and monthly volume. If I want to rank on the first 5 positions on the result page, I have to edit my title and focus on the title with fewer YouTube competitors. Videly offers me also other awesome features that can help me analyze competitors. But that is not all. With Videly, you can automatically make video descriptions, tags, analyze any niche (you can see how easy or hard it is to rank your video), and track your videos (competitor's videos as well).

In tab Keywords, in the left sidebar, you choose what sources you want to include in the results. You can use it not only for YouTube.

youtube channel using videly to competitors video analysis


I want to add subtitles and translate descriptions to other languages because I want to increase my chances of ranking my video, even for people who speak a language other than English. Remember, if you want to translate your title and description, you have to do a video that people from different countries can understand. If you only translate the title and description, visitors will click on your video, but if they will not understand what is going on, what will happen? Close your video, maybe downvote = bad signal to YouTube algorithm.

I translated my search term into the Spanish language, but I want results from World Wide/Everywhere because the Spanish language is used in many countries (you can do it with English as well).

youtube channel using videly to competitors video analysis spannish


Now I will analyze my video with competitors. I will use the title: How to tie shoes with one hand. On the niche dashboard, I can see many data that can improve my video title, description, tags, etc. Videly will analyze the first 10 videos that are in search results for my term.

(1.) Video overview data 

  • I see how easy or hard it can be to rank my video with the title How to tie shoes with one hand.
  • Rank in the top 5 spots on YouTube will be Pretty Hard.
  • Rank on the first page will be Easy.
  • I can see also what is the best description and title.
  • The estimated traffic potential (daily views) for this type of video is 18 (this can indicate to me that the video is not trending and people are not searching this type of content so much)
  • No videos uploaded in the last 30 days (this can be my opportunity how to rank better than other videos because I will have fresh content with updated features that are working)

(2.) Engagement overview

  • Average views from top 10 videos
  • Minimum views
  • Maximum views
  • Average comments
  • Average likes
  • Average FB likes

I already know that even though my video gets into the top 5, viewership will go up very slowly because there aren't many people who would like to tie laces with one hand. Under normal circumstances, I would not waste time with this type of video.

That's why I really like this software. I use it before I create a video. It's a tool that helps me see from the beginning whether it's worth investing time in creating a video. Do you understand what I mean by that? In short, creating this video will take a lot of time, and even though it would be great, viewership would be low. 

(3.) Top 10 competitors data

  • Rank position of video
  • Video details
  • Video stats
  • Channel stats
  • Social signals

I do not despair. Because if I make a good title and include related keywords, it will help me increase views. Below I will show you how. More detailed functionalities of Videly, you can find here.

youtube channel using videly to video niche analysis


(2.) VidIQ YouTube chrome extension

If you want to be successful on YouTube, the VidIQ Chrome extension is a must-have tool. It works on the YouTube result page but also the video page.

VidIQ helps me see whether the topic has potential or not (for me is most important Volume data and Competition data).

In this case, I was fascinated by the low competition. I've seen this beautifully above in Videly (I can easily get my video to the first page of results).

youtube channel using vidiq competitors analysis


I opened the first video, and VidIQ shows me the basic statistics.

I'm interested in VidIQ score, views per hour, video tags, channel tags. At first glance, I see where the video has shortcomings and what I can improve.

Do you see it too?

For you who didn't know I will help you.

  • Video tags have not any related keywords to video title and description.
  • No channel tags
  • The description includes related keywords, but I can do it better and longer.
  • Video does not use action elements such as cards, end screens, functional watermark.
  • High-res thumbnail and Eye-catchy thumbnail
  • No shares


youtube channel using vidiq chrome extension


What does that mean to me? Thanks to Videly and VidIQ, I already know exactly what I can improve compared to the competition and get my new video from a new channel without subscribers and try to rank in a better position than the competition.

Yes, I haven't forgotten, there is still a YouTube algorithm, but thanks to these details, I can optimize my video and show the algorithm and the potential viewer that my video is better.

I will simply explain how the YouTube algorithm works.

Thanks to the optimization of video details (title, description, action elements, tags, thumbnail), my video will be displayed on the first page. Most potential viewers do not click on the first result but scroll and look with their eyes to see if they get an answer to their search term at first sight (eye-catchy thumbnail).

Even though my video is not the first, but the potential viewer clicks on mine. Although I was not the first in the results, the algorithm detects that my video probably has a greater benefit for the potential viewer. If this is repeated several times, the algorithm will move my video to a higher position.


How will I proceed to rank my video in the best possible position?

  • (1.) I have to do an eye-catchy thumbnail that must tell the viewer what to expect from the video (related picture and text).
  • (2.) Add related keywords to the title using delimited formats for better results.
  • (3.) Include long-tail keywords to the first 150 description characters (the first 150 are most important).
  • (4.) Add a timeline where every part could include a keyword related to the title.
  • (5.) Add tags (keywords) related to the title and description.
  • (6.) Add hashtags related to the video
  • (7.) Add action elements


(1.) How to make an eye-catchy YouTube thumbnail

At a glance, my thumbnail must tell what the viewer can expect from the video to answer his search query.

You can use Canva (as in banner creation) or Thumbnail blaster to create a thumbnail.

I prefer Thumbnail blaster. It is effortless to use; you can choose from premade templates or start from scratch.

youtube channel thumbnailblaster premade templates


The tool works on the same principle as Canva. My thumbnail is done in a few minutes. What do you think?

If you connect your YouTube account to Thumbnail blaster, you can upload your thumbnail directly from the dashboard to YouTube. Nice feature.

youtube channel thumbnailblaster creating thumbnail


(2.) Add related keywords to the title

Based on the knowledge and data from the tools I am using, my title is updated. You can see below this also increase potential video views (I include more long-tail keywords).

youtube channel videly youtube video title update for more views


(3.) Include long-tail keywords to the first 150 description characters

Again, the functionality from Videly will help me. I used features for video details.

Step 1: Niche & Keyword tab I typed my updated title. Software prepared two variations, but I liked the second one (but you can edit it). Press the Next step to continue.

youtube channel videly creating title step 1


Step 2: Keyword refinements tab. Predefined is the text from the title, but you can choose from suggestions that are most related to your video niche. You can also add five secondary keywords. To continue, press the Next step.

youtube channel videly adding keywords step 2


Step 3: Replace & Generate tab. Here you can add hyperlinks to your website or social media profiles. To continue, press Generate.

youtube channel videly adding social media step 3


Finally, we have our video details ready (title, description, tags). The advantage is that you can still edit the generated data. Because let's say it's software and not everything is completely usable if we want it to look like a human and not software did it.

As you may notice, the software offers us the option to replace sentences with others automatically generated. Alternatively, you can edit, add or delete sentences to make them look the way you want. The template will be saved so that you can use it for other videos as well. Export is a matter of course, but I prefer to copy and paste to YouTube Studio. It's up to you.

What do you think? Did it go pretty well with this tool?

youtube channel videly complete video title description tags 4


(4.) Add a timeline

To any video, you can add a timeline. You can do it by adding time slots to the video description. However, keep in mind that this must make sense because the algorithm will not accept the timeline if it suspects that it looks like spam/not useful and will not display it. The timeline must start at 00:00, and a minimum length of one part is 10 seconds. For adding another parts type time and explanation text (for example 00:45 Slow motion with explanation).

My video will consist of these parts, which I will include in the timeline.


00:00 Intro

00:10 My technique How to tie shoes with one hand (real-time, no explanation)

00:45 Slow motion with explanation

01:40 My shoe tying method one more time (repeat technique in real-time)

01:58 Now is your turn to try it


If your video has a timeline and appears in google search results, it looks very well (this view is supported for smartphones but also for desktop).

Thanks to the timeline, the user can see at a glance what parts the video consists of. If the timeline is done well, then thanks to this improvement you have a better chance that the user clicks on your video. The first video has a higher rank, you can see timeline details. The second video doesn't have a timeline. The third video has also a timeline but for detail, you have to click on it. Google marked really nice parts of the video - Key moments.

Results on smartphone:

youtube timeline detail on smartphones results


Results on desktop:

how to make youtube channel timeline google serp



(5.) Add tags (keywords) related to the title and description

Always use all 500 characters because you can rank for more keywords.
I will use 3 types of keywords/tags.
  • tags describing the video (also use long-tail keywords)
  • tags describing the general theme of the video
  • tags describing your channel (this small feature will help to show our other videos in recommended videos right sidebar)

For video, they can look like that:

"how to tie shoes fast with one hand", "tie your shoes with one arm", "how to tie your shoes with one hand", "one-handed shoe tie method", "one handed shoe tying technique", "how to tie my shoe with one hand", "tie shoes one handed", "one-handed shoe tie", "tie shoelaces with one hand", "one handed shoe tying", "how to tie shoes tutorial", "how to tie", "how to tie shoes", "how to tie laces", "how to shoelace", "shoelace", "bootlace", "sneakerlace", "howtosimo", "howtosimo channel"

(6.) Add hashtags related to the video

Use only related hashtags. Maximum 15, if you add more algorithm will ignore it and your video fall in rank. In hashtags, less is more (5-8 is enough). You can also create your hashtags groups and include them in related videos to link each other. I will use these #howtosimo #tieshoes #howtotie #onehanded #shoetieup #tutorialvideo

Remember that only the first 3 hashtags will be shown under the video (rest in the description). My first will be my unique hashtag (#howtosimo). It will help me to send the viewer to my other videos that include my unique hashtag - all of them :-). The goal is to direct the viewer to as many of my videos as possible = more views and increasing watch time.

For #Hashtags, I am using multiple tools like All Hashtag, Best Hashtags, Brand Mentions


(7.) Add action elements

Information cards, end screen, functional watermark (these steps we will do in channel dashboard).


I have everything ready. I can add it to the video details. Let's go.

Go to the channel YouTube Studio and press in left sidebar option Content.

youtube channel add video details description tags hashtags


Choose the video you want to edit or add details like description, tags, hashtags, etc. Click on the pencil.

youtube channel open uploaded video details


A video tab will open, with all the fields where you can insert your content or edit an existing one.

I will be adding details gradually, as I highlighted in the picture. I've already prepared everything. So now, just copy and paste. The 6th step Paid promotion, tick only if your video is made only for promoting products, services, etc.

(only in the 5th step, I will create a playlist now. Creating playlists is a perfect way how to group similar videos. The viewer can easily find more videos with similar ideas. In my case, I can call it "One hand skills" - Hope dad sends me some other videos)

First, I filled in the whole left part and framed section I will do in the end. 

You may have noticed that my video is longer than in the previous steps. You see correctly. To have added value for the viewer, I processed the video in the editor. But you know it already.

youtube channel video details editing



I added my prepared tags (I used all 500 characters). I have there all 3 types of what I wrote above.

Set up languages. YouTube can generate subtitles automatically from a speech in the video (English by YouTube - Automatic). You definitely need to turn this option on. If you don't speak there, you can add them manually.

youtube channel video details tags languages subtitles
For translating video descriptions to other languages, press in the left sidebar option Subtitles. Adding different languages works the same as when I translated the About channel tab.
youtube channel video details adding languages and subtitles
There's one more great thing about automatic subtitles.
If your video is in English, A.I. can generate subtitles automatically. But you already know that.
So what's the other great thing?
Google called it, Featured snippets and it works in search results. And as we already know, relevant YouTube videos also appear in search results (a lot of times First result).
I will explain it to you with an example, of how it all works. Let's say I want to learn to dance and write this term on google. If the algorithm evaluates that the most relevant result is the video, it will appear in the first place. Since the video has a sufficient rank (many views, many likes, shares, etc.) and the whole process (with key factors) of how to dance is explained (in this case it is English), the algorithm can evaluate the most relevant part, and serve an answer to my question.
In addition, it will show me the timeline in the video, where the answer to my question is located (Video doesn't need to have a Timeline in the description).
youtube channel example youtube video how featured snippets are working
Don't forget to tick Allow embedding. Why? Because you or the viewer can embed video also to other websites and social media.
Do you remember what I said? Also, views and watch time from embedded videos are counting to the channel.
Choose the category which best describes your video. In my case, I choose Education. The best way is to use one or two categories for videos if you want to make channel authority.
youtube channel video details adding category allow embedding license

And the best for the end - Video action elements.

youtube channel video last steps end screen cards visibility
We can start with the End screen (1.)
You can choose from 6 types. The big advantage is that you can move the elements for better adaptation to your outro.
The end screen will help direct the viewer to your other videos.
In short, I try to keep the viewer on my channel for as long as possible. The algorithm also follows this.
youtube channel video last steps end screen types
Already when I was creating the video, I knew which end screen I wanted to use. Nothing is a coincidence, but thoughtful steps.
It wasn't always like that. I also had to learn it, and that's why I wrote this article. So you don't need to make the mistakes I made unnecessarily.
To set the end screen's start time, move the line with the dot (3.) on the timeline. This method also applies to action elements, with the only small difference - you move the highlighted parts. In my case, the blue part Subscribe: Howtosimo (4.) and the dark gray part Video: Best for the viewer (4.)  I set it up to show first subscribe to the channel and, after few seconds, suggested video when you are done, press SAVE.
youtube channel video action elements end screen
Set up Cards (2.)
You can choose from various elements to appear in the right corner of the video at a specified time in a gray area with text (clickable). The display time setting works the same as in the end screen section.
youtube channel video cards set up
I chose the playlist option. You can edit, add new cards, or cancel at any time.
In the teaser text area, you can write your own text but are limited to 30 characters. Changes are shown in real-time. So I can see how it looks in the video.
youtube channel video cards set up teaser text
A cool feature is when you click on it, you will see the result (same as a viewer will see). Very nice.
youtube channel video cards set up teaser text testing
I am done. To apply, press the SAVE button.
Last step Visibility (3.)
Everything I wanted and was important I have set up.
It's time to publish my video and make it visible to everyone.
Tick option Public and press DONE, and don't forget to press the SAVE button in the top right corner. Video is visible, and in few minutes, it will be indexed on YouTube.
Option Set as instant Premiere you can use when you have subscribers.
youtube channel video visibility public for everyone

I embed the video below. Watch the whole video to see how it all looks in the video. What do you think?

YouTube video

I also created a short intro and added it to the video; yes, this can also be done in the Invideo. I used one of the pre-made templates (there could be more). You can also create such animations and intros in Renderforest (I think there are more pre-made templates).

However, if you want to create great animations and many other moving eye-catchy elements, this tool is the right choice (I'll tell you more about that below).


5. How to check your video rankings

I would like to know if my video was placed on the first page of the search results or even in the top 5 (Videly marked it as Pretty hard).

What do you think?

As I showed you above, I tried to target two longtail expressions to increase the number of views.


For checking video rankings, I have more options (I will do all).

Option 1:

To find out the video's real position, I will open youtube on the incognito card in a different browser as I use daily where I have set the highest privacy protection (I view youtube as an unregistered user). There may be a problem with cookies from google because everything is very interconnected. But I'll try. I can make it a little bit better by changing the IP address using a VPN service.

Option 2:

I will use Videly Niche analysis.

Option 3:

I can also check video details with the VidIQ Chrome extension.

Option 4:

For better optimization in the future, I will start tracking video rankings with Videly Rank Tracker.


Otherwise, if you want to know what the browser knows about you, look at this tool, Browser data checker. You will be amazed.


So below are the results.

Option 1:

Searched term: how to tie shoes with one hand

My video ranked in 6th position.

youtube channel video visibility results page incognito mode


I tried to search for it again by pressing the searching icon.

Now my video ranked in 3rd position.

youtube channel video visibility results page incognito mode second attempt


Searched term: how to tie shoes with one arm
My video ranked in 4th position.
youtube channel video visibility results page incognito mode third attempt

I tried to search for it again by pressing the searching icon.

Now my video ranked in 3rd position.

youtube channel video visibility results page incognito mode fourth attempt

Option 2:
Now in Videly -  Niche analysis section, I will repeat the process for both long-tail keywords.

Searched term: how to tie shoes with one hand

My video ranked in 6th position. How you can see, my SEO optimization is perfect.

You may have noticed that my video has more views than in the pictures above (I am writing this article more days and pictures below I did one day later).

youtube channel video visibility results test videly

Searched term: how to tie shoes with one arm

My video ranked in 5th position. How you can see, my SEO optimization is perfect.

youtube channel video visibility results test two videly
Option 3:
You can see more data for the video below. Thanks to this feature, you can see the data of any video.
youtube channel video visibility results test vidiq
Option 4:
If you're really serious about video creating, I recommend tracking your video's rankings, so you can work with your data in the future and improve your video rankings. This feature is in Videly (you can track rankings of any video).
Simply open tab Rank Tracker. On the right corner, click on +ADD VIDEO. In the pop-up window, paste the video link and enter keywords that you want to be tracked.
Don't forget to check the tracking options and set the desired period. Of course, you can change everything whenever you want.
To start tracking, press Track my video.
youtube channel video videly video rank tracker

The first accurate data will be after 48 hours. How you can see in part Video views, Videly counts views together for every keyword. I am tracking 4 keywords (63views for each keyword x 4 keywords = 252 views, but video generally has 63views, no 252views).

youtube channel video videly video rank tracker results

Since the Howtosimo channel is new and the video is visible one day, I consider it is a great result. As soon as I have more data, I can optimize the video title and description to improve rank.

This is just the beginning. In the Sharing your video section, I'll show you other ways to increase your video's views. 

6. Short YouTube videos

Another way to increase the number of views of your video is to create a short video, or we can call it a trailer and direct the viewer to the main video. In a short video, I will add a link to the whole video in the description to work nicely. If we want the viewer to see all our shorts, we can create a unique hashtag that we will use for all shorts and connect them.

In simplicity, we have to link videos to each other.

In short, if you want to use a part of the whole video, just cut it out and save it in 9:16 format. YouTube allows a short video length of up to 60 seconds but recommends a maximum length of 15 seconds (YouTube Shorts Help). For your video to appear in Shorts, you must add a hashtag to the title and description #Shorts, and you can also add hashtag #Vertical but only in description.

We can create a short video separately or use an engaging part of the main video. I use online software for that (yes, I like online tools because I have them available from any device).

My favorites are Invideo, WeVideo, Renderforest (all of them support format 9:16). I use it all because each has its advantages and disadvantages (more details will be in part 8.).


Invideo 9:16 size

youtube channel create short video with invideo


WeVideo 9:16 size

youtube channel create short video with wevideo


Renderforest 9:16 size

youtube channel create short video with renderforest


I use WeVideo to create a short video. Below is the editing dashboard. If you don't have a video in dimensions 9:16, like me, don't worry. You can use 16:9 video and crop the size to the screen 9:16. Then cut out only the part that you think will be best for a short video. If you want viewers to watch your video to the end (15 seconds in my case), the video must interest them; you have a maximum of 3 seconds. If not, the viewer scrolls further.

I like how simple it is to work with. You can add text, music, and whatever you want. For export, click on Finish.

youtube channel create short video with wevideo dashboard


In this step, choose quality and Destinations. WeVideo can automatically upload your video to YouTube and to other platforms if you connect your accounts. I love this feature, and it is very helpful if you have a slower upload. When rendering is done, you will also receive an email.

youtube channel create short video with wevideo ready to download


As with Renderforest and Canva, you can see the prices for this great tool below. You can try all functionalities for free, just create a free account.

youtube channel wevideo editing online software pricing


You can watch the video I created below. This is how it will appear if you add it to a playlist or video category (in my case, I have a category called Shorts for short videos). What do you think?

YouTube video

Now, I have to upload it to YouTube. The process is the same as a normal video (thumbnail is showing only if you add your video to the custom playlist, and the viewer will watch like a normal video). For shorts video, don't forget to insert the hashtag Shorts in the title and description (not short, this is also a common mistake). For shorts videos, I will create a category called Shorts that all will be together.

You don't have to fill in extreme descriptions and tags for videos tagged #Shorts (it won't have a big effect, it works similarly to TikTok). For #Shorts are the most important hashtags.

For upload, go to YouTube Studio and click on the top-right icon Create. Choose option Upload videos. (I am uploading all videos from desktop). Choose your video file from the computer.

youtube channel upload short video

In the Details tab, enter Title (don't forget to add #Shorts at the end), Description (don't forget to add #Shorts and #Vertical). What I wrote to my description, you can see in the picture below.

For better video linking, I made 3 unique hashtags.

#howtosimo I am using in every video

#shortshowtosimo I am using in every short video

#tieshoeshowtosimo I am using in this short video and in full video (How to tie shoes with one hand).

As for hashtags, I try different things and combinations to find out what works and what doesn't. Therefore, it may happen that the method I describe above with relinking may not work. If you have a better-proven method I will be very happy to learn something new.

When you are done, press NEXT.

youtube channel upload short video details


The Video elements tab offers to add cards only. I added one with a link to the full video. To continue, press NEXT.

youtube channel upload short video elements


Last step, Visibility tab. Choose Public and press PUBLISH.

Now, our video is visible to everyone on YouTube.

youtube channel upload short video visibility



7. Sharing your YouTube video

We have more options where to share the video (of course, embed the video on your website).

I would divide it into two groups. (For approximate traffic data for website versions in lists below, I used SimilarWeb.)

1. Social media and websites where I can embed a video / share a video = increasing the number of views and watch time for a specific video, which is added to your channel
The advantage of this option is mainly increasing watch time and video views, as well as gaining new subscribers thanks to the action elements in the video (those I described above).

Below is a list of those where it makes sense to share a video:

  • Facebook fun page -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic to Facebook 23,07 Billion)
  • Facebook Groups -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic to Facebook 23,07 Billion)
  • Twitter -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 6,72 Billion)
  • Pinterest -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 1,2 Billion)
  • Quora -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 552,56 Million)
  • Yahoo Answers -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 64,64 Million)
  • Medium - Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 2ľ3,16 Million)
  • Reddit -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 1,74 Billion)
  • Linkedin -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 1,29 Billion)
  • Mix -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 1,47 Million)
  • Gab -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 50,36 Million)
  • Digg -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 6,70 Million)
  • BuzzFeed -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 139,01 Million)
  • -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 1,00 Million)
  • Ebaumsworld -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 10,17 Million)


2. Social media and websites where I can upload a video and then link to a YouTube channel = new subscribers
The advantage of this option is to reach a new group of people who might not otherwise find you on YouTube
The disadvantage of this option is that the number of video views and watch time is not added to your channel.

Below is a list of those where it makes sense to upload a video:

  • TikTok -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 819,75  Million)  - use your short video.
  • Instagram -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 5,94 Billion) - use your short video. Full video to IGTV, length 1 to 60 minutes.
  • Imgur -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 259,93 Million)
  • Rumble -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 132,22 Million)
  • DailyMotion -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 183,36 Million)
  • Tumblr -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 326,80 Million)
  • LiveLeak -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 9,76 Million)
  • Bitchute -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 56,91 Million)
  • Answers -  Visit Site (Est. monthly traffic 8,45 Million) - can add only a link to a video.


You don't have to be on all sites. Choose a few of them and start building your audience. You can start other networks later. Especially when sharing a video, don't be spammy. Otherwise, you can be banned. Everything takes time, be persistent, the results will come.

If you use more than one network (like me) and you don't want to add posts or videos to each network separately, be sure to check out this tool (Supported platforms TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, VK, Google My Business).

You may have noticed that website or social media traffic is different in some cases. Keep in mind that the more popular a website or social network is = more competition.

For a more detailed description of the top 10 traffic sources to your website, read this article.


8. Best software for editing or creating video content

You already know what online editing tools I use. In this part, I would like to summarize, what you can expect from everyone and for what type of videos you can use it. You can find other xyz various online tools on the market, but in my opinion, these are among the best. They have many users, so they can develop much faster.

1. Invideo

You can use it with a free account (created videos are with a watermark). Suitable for creating shorter explanation videos (up to 15 minutes), such as: How to..., Do it yourself, 10 best..., 5 worst...., Reviews, etc.

  • 3500+ pre-made templates and automated text to speech included in the free plan
  • 60 video exports in 720p quality in free plan
  • 3 Million+ Standard Media Library in free plan
  • supported video dimensions Wide 16:9, Vertical 9:16, Square 1:1
  • intro, outro, logo animations pre-made templates (could be more)
  • subscription to annual plan includes up to 50% discount
  • the ratio of price and quality is the best
  • visit Invideo official site


2. Renderforest

You can use it with a free account (created videos are with a watermark). Suitable for various types of videos such as animated promos, logo reveals, slideshows, kinetic typography, music visualizations. But you can create also a logo, mockup, build a website, or graphic design. Subscription plan or Pay per product plan (this option is really nice if you need to do only a few videos for the project).

  • 800+ pre-made templates (each template includes more scenes - sometimes 10, sometimes 400 - from which you can choose)
  • supported video dimensions Wide 16:9, Vertical 9:16, Square 1:1
  • Graphic design software
  • Unlimited video exports but in 360p quality
  • free creating logos, mockups, websites (on renderforest subdomain)
  • video length 5 to 60 minutes (depends on your plan)
  • 200k+ Stock videos in the free plan
  • only 3-minute videos in the free plan
  • subscription to annual plan includes up to 75% discount
  • the best way to use all the functionality and save is to pay the annual plan
  • visit Renderforest official site


3. WeVideo

In my opinion, one of the best comprehensive online editing software on the market with only one small drawback - a maximum video length of 2 hours.

  • supported video dimensions Wide 16:9, Vertical 9:16, Square 1:1
  • tons of settings, as you would expect from a proper editing tool
  • automatic video exports to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more
  • unlimited use of 1 Million pieces of commercially licensed media
  • record screen and webcam together
  • 4K Ultra HD video resolution (unlimited plan)
  • a lot of pre-made templates
  • subscription to annual plan includes up to 50% discount
  • the most versatile professional video tool
  • visit WeVideo official site


4. Viddyoze

If you want to make different videos than your competition and at the same time engage the viewer with 3d or 2d animations, studio-grade intros, logo stings, or social actions, Viddyoze is the 1 choice for you. This tool does not offer a free plan (I highly recommend visit the official site and see what this tool can do).

  • 1000+ Animations
  • 260+ Pre-made templates
  • Simple and fast, in few clicks
  • Wide-range of effects such as social animations, filters, logo strings, seamless transitions, movie filters, live-action animations, studio-grade Intros/Outros, CTA Overlays
  • used ALPHA Technology
  • Unlimited Usage Rights
  • 5 years on the market
  • the best software for video animations
  • visit Viddyoze official site


But to be fair, on the market are also free tools that provide a lot of functionalities.

If you want to edit your video on a computer, download and try Open Shot or Hit Film Express.

For modeling, sculpting, VFX, simulation try Blender (very nice software but for a beginner could be hard).


9. How to monetize your YouTube video

Each of us, sooner or later, will want to make money from youtube. This is perfectly normal.

You probably think of making money on YouTube ads. Until recently, this was possible almost from the beginning, but YouTube changed that.

In order to join the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 public watch hours. If you meet these conditions, your account must be also reviewed (have to follow the monetization conditions).

If you want to see how much money channels are earning on YouTube, I recommend looking at the Social Blade website. The numbers are approximate (they can be higher, but also lower). But that's enough for a rough idea of earnings. (If you create a free account, you can install the chrome extension and see these numbers in your browser - it works similar to VidIQ). Social Blade supports also other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

For checking channel estimated earnings and other data, just type the name of the channel into the search. (I checked MrBeast).

youtube channel estimated earnings using social blade


Below pictures, I will show you 8 ways on How to make money on YouTube before you can monetize it with the Partner Program.

The counter below you can find in the Monetization tab in Studio YouTube.

youtube channel partner program monetization requirments


When you reach requirements before you can monetize your video with ads you have to set up a country of residence for your channel (if you didn't set up it until now). First, you have to be logged in to your account and be in channel Studio YouTube. In the bottom left sidebar click on Settings and in the pop-up window choose Channel and in this tab click on the field Country of residence. Choose from the list your country and Save.

youtube channel partner program channel country of residence



8 ways on How to make money on YouTube from the beginning.

Even though your channel is new and the video has few views yet, you can start earning money from your content. It is always good to have a diversified income.

Below are options for how to do this from the beginning.

  • Recommend video-related products (the video is about how to relax a stiff neck thanks to yoga, so you can put products such as a yoga mat, comfortable yoga clothes, etc.)
  • Recommend services that are in the video (video is about traveling in Bali, so you can recommend where it is most convenient to buy a trip, ticket, accommodation, rent a car, etc.)
  • Recommend the products you use to shoot the video (camera, microphone, telephone, stabilizer, etc.)
  • Recommend products that you personally use to create video (Chair, computer, headsets, etc.)
  • Sale of own merchandise (own brand of products print-on-demand)
  • Premium video section (for a monthly fee, where you can add videos from behind the scenes or other premium material)
  • Sales of own digital product, course, services (for example, you like to cook and your videos are related to the topic of cooking. You can create an ebook: healthy and fast recipes. Course: how to learn to cook healthy and fast. Service: preparing a dining plan, etc.)
  • Paid promo of product or service that is in the video (for example, you make a video on how to prepare a smoothie from different types of fruit and, of course, the fruit should be mixed so why not contact the manufacturers or sellers of mixers)
  • Support or Donation to Your channel (You can create an account on Patreon where the viewers can contribute any amounts. This option can also be used for Live stream)


How does it all work when I recommend third-party products or services?
It's quite simple. Nowadays, almost every company offers the possibility of a partner, referral, or affiliate cooperation. It works on the principle of recommendation through a unique hyperlink that leads to the website of the product or service. You have this unique link from your service provider or product reseller.

If a customer buys a product or service through your unique link, you will receive a certain % of the price of the product or service (these percentages have every seller different but can be from 2 to 60).

The best is, the customer pays nothing extra. This commission comes from the seller's profit. In simplicity, the company will share with you its profit for bringing in a new customer.

How to look for companies that offer this kind of cooperation?

  • First option - You can use Google or another search engine and type the name of the company with Partner, Referral, or Affiliate program.
  • Second option - Try to find on the company website page with Partner, Referral or Affiliate program (One of the big players who has millions of products, services is Amazon)
  • Third option - Join Affiliate networks. Use Google or another search engine and type - Affiliate network (or you can read my post with best affiliate networks for beginners).


10. Summary

I hope this article will help you to move your YouTube channel far ahead of the competition. I also mentioned paid tools, but if you want to be successful you have to invest some bucks. It will always return to you. Sooner or later. But it will.

I know the article is quite long, but I wanted it to be in one place. If you like it and think the information in the article could help other people, I'll be happy for sharing it on social media.

Of course, I will update the article and share with you the progress of the Howtosimo channel. If you want to support this channel, I will be glad if you become a subscriber (SUBSCRIBE HERE).

If I forgot something or you have knowledge that I did not mention here, I will be grateful if you write it in the comments below. I will be more than happy to look at it, analyze it and add it to the article.

Finally, the most important thing. PERSISTENCE is the Key to Success.


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