We can take a look at the 10 best free traffic sources in 2021. Traffic for a blog or any page is the most important thing. But for a brand new blog, it will take some time if we want to rank faster and not just rely on google. You should be active outside the blog and build a functioning ecosystem with one goal - to direct visitors to your blog.

There are more techniques and resources for quality traffic. It will cost you nothing, but it's not free. The price is your time and work. But it pays off. After all, a blog is not a one-time affair.

If you thought that I would give you a secret formula or a unique source code, thanks to whom your website will have from day to day thousands of visitors close this article, turn on youtube and dream more about a successful blog and life.

But I'll show you techniques that work with real results. I will show you how to think when building free traffic. This blog is also new. It also has no visitors, no backlinks, etc. I will do exactly what I will write to you here. Of course, I will show you the results.

Do you know why 95% of new blogs disappear? Because people who start with blogging miss one thing. One thing only. It's quite simple.

It's not geniality. You do not be a rocket scientist to start blogging and be successful.
It's not talent. There are many unsuccessful talented people.
It's not education. The world is full of educated fools.
(This sentence fully captures it, and I used it from my favorite movie Founder, I recommend watching it).

So what is it?

It's perseverance.
Yes, the old good persistence and determination. There is strength in persistence and determination. What does it mean? The results will come. You have to continue and not give up. It does not mean that it will be so in a month or two if your blog has no visitors today.

Let's go back to the sources of traffic. For each source, I will summarize it, in a nutshell, to explain why it is listed. We will discuss these sources in detail in the following articles (important traffic details about each medium below).

I would sort it as follows:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Quora
  3. Medium
  4. Reddit
  5. Linkedin
  6. YouTube
  7. TikTok
  8. Instagram
  9. Facebook groups
  10. Niche related websites & Forums

Building traffic with these social media won't cost you anything, but it won't be free. Yes, you have to invest your time and be perseverant. But don't worry in the next articles I will explain in detail, how you can with small hacks be more effective and grow faster and get free high-quality traffic to your website. For data details for each source, I used similarweb.com (perfect free tool, you have to start using it!).


1. Pinterest

Average monthly visitors: 1,3 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:48 | Pages per Visit: 4.78 | 43% visitors comes from the USA

A very powerful platform that can send you high-quality traffic. You know that the main visitors of Pinterest are people who want to buy something and they use it as a search engine. For a complete step-by-step guide on how to be successful on Pinterest, I will write another article.

pinterest free traffic network

2. Quora

Average monthly visitors: 537.5 Million | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:02:44 | Pages per Visit: 2.10 | 40% visitors comes from the USA |

Main visitors are people who are searching answers for questions. You can find there very high-value content. You can find questions that are related to your niche and write a high-value answer and include a link to your blog (but don't be spammy, quora is uncompromising for spam). You can create your own space (like groups on Facebook) and write articles with links or find other spaces where you can write answers or articles with links. But don't forget less is sometimes more. High value is the key for Quora.

quora free traffic network

3. Medium

Average monthly visitors: 213.3 Million | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:42 | Pages per Visit: 1.61 | 28% visitors comes from the USA |

medium free traffic network

4. Reddit

Average monthly visitors: 1.7 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:09:11 | Pages per Visit: 6.31 | 49% visitors comes from the USA |

reddit free traffic network

5. Linkedin

Average monthly visitors: 1.1 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:06:49 | Pages per Visit: 6.21 | 32% visitors comes from the USA |

linkedin free traffic network

6. YouTube

Average monthly visitors: 35.7 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:21:12 | Pages per Visit: 11.13 | 20% visitors comes from the USA |

youtube free traffic network

7. TikTok (website)

Average monthly visitors: 728.4 Million | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:03:11 | Pages per Visit: 7.38 | 27% visitors comes from the USA |

TikTok is primary for smartphones but the website version you can use for uploading videos. For me is more comfortable, but if you need to add a description to your account you have to do it in-app.  TikTok is very powerful if you know how to use it. I will write a separate article for it.

tiktok free traffic network

8. Instagram (website)

Average monthly visitors: 6.1 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:07:44 | Pages per Visit: 10.91 | 18% visitors comes from the USA |

Instagram like TikTok is primary for smartphones but if you connect it to your Facebook you can make posts from the computer. I will write a separate article for it and why use it from the computer.

instagram free traffic network

9. Facebook groups

Average monthly visitors: 25.3 Billion | Avg. Visit Duration: 00:10:35 | Pages per Visit: 8.25 | 22% visitors comes from the USA |

Numbers are for facebook because is hard to found out how many visitors have groups. But with groups, you can very nicely target your audience (but don't be spammy). Perfect is also that Facebook ads are not shown in the Facebook group feed. Another awesome thing is that Facebook promotes groups.

facebook_groups free traffic network

10. Niche related websites & Forums

You can find many niche websites or forums that allow you to add content or comment with a hyperlink to your website. A big advantage of this kind of website or forums is the targeted audience. But remember don't be spammy or get a ban.

Just use google and type your niche and search (also you can use google prediction, write your niche keyword+space and see what ideas google serves you). I am always using Incognito advanced search because I want relevant results that are not affected by my search history (you can set up for what country you can search etc).

inkognito google search

Below are examples for beauty niche (I know beauty is a very general term but it is only a sample of how to search).

niche related forums website

Type your niche keyword + space bar and you will see google predictions. This can also help you to see what other people are searching for.

niche_related forums how to search


Was it helpful for you?

If you are using other media for free quality traffic let me know in the comments.



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